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The LOOT: Meng 1/48 MESSERSCHMITT Me-410B-2/U4

Welcome to Modeler.US!

We're just getting going around here, but we are open for business... feel free to browse around for a sweet kit, but it's just a sampling of what will be here shortly.

If you only do one thing while you're here, sign up for the mailing list, we're growing and changing rapidly, and we'd love you to come be a part of it.

Read on for just a little introduction to what we're trying to accomplish here:

Kit Dissections!  Go poke around at this product here, and check out the video unboxing, the information, and the strong pictoral.  Yes, that is a kitbashers delight, we know!  This is what we want to do to every kit that passes through our shop.  We want you to know the kits you're buying, and help you find the things you need.  Retro kits will be all part of the deal as well, make sure to send in requests for your favorites!  We'll make sure you see exactly what we do.  We're shooting for a Wikipedia of models if you will!  Herculean?  YES!  But SOMEONE has to start it to get it done right?  

MODELOOT!  We wanted to do something fun, so we decided to start doing what we call MODELOOT!, it's simply a dense bundle including all sorts of things about a subject in addition to the model itself, such as add-on kits, lighting, complementary kits, reference and history books, movies, and anything else we can come up with to make it fun!  All at the cheapest price we can get it out to ya for.  Everyone loves loot!!

FSM INTEGRATION!  Yes, Fine Scale Modeler Integration.  We see all those sweet kits in the mag, and we want to have as many of them for you as we can manage to get our hands on.  We also make them easy to find by including them in one easy to find section.  IT guys, you say that's not really integration?  Yeah, we know, we just thought it sounded cool.

COMMUNITY!  As we move forward with development of the site, we will be attempting to build a community of all kinds of modelers to learn from each other, enjoy each other's company, all the standard social stuff!  Your participation is what's going to help make this site turn into what was our original dream!

Let get everyone getting dirty with some kits, paints, glues, and being creative in a completely unstandard way!  Kits are a great scaffolding for beginning a customized art project where the sky is the limit.  We at Modeler.US truly believe this is a fun, and beneficial experience to everyone involved!